Trading training

The goal of the training courses of Portfolio Investments LLC is to teach everyone who wishes to carry out trading activities at the RSE “Toshkent”.
In our courses we teach:
• what securities exist, what is their difference
• how to build investment strategies
• what is diversification or why not put all your eggs in one basket
• what is an investment portfolio and how to form it
• where and how to find securities
• how to calculate the fair price of securities
• what is necessary to open a custodian account
• how to deposit money to your account
• how to buy shares
• how to sell shares
• how to withdraw the proceeds to your personal card
• The difference between long-term and short-term financial investments
• what is a stock exchange and how to work with it
• what is an order book
• what is dividends
• how to build a dividends portfolio
• what are financial multipliers, how to calculate them and how they affect the price of a stock
• how to work at

And also we give individual consultations related to conducting trading activities, buying and selling securities, etc.


Below you can use our video-instruction to trade system:



Also you can watch these videos in Youtube and Mover: