Consulting services


Our main task as an investment consultant is professional advice to enterprises and investors when choosing the most optimal investment strategy and choosing the most efficient use of property.


As an investment consultant, Portfolio Investments LLC will provide you with:

analysis and forecast of the state of the securities market and its participants;

examination, development and recommendations of financial instruments;

advising on issues of securities issuance, including the preparation of a decision on the issuance of securities, issue prospectuses of the Issuers;

advising on the implementation of investment policies by legal entities and individuals;

preparation of Client reporting on the securities market;

advice on the placement and circulation of securities;

preparation and publication of information intended for an unlimited number of persons;

preparation and provision of other types of information not prohibited by law.


At all times, the investor was faced with the task of making a decision on investing. In turn, investment consulting is to help the issuer in choosing a method of attracting external financing, finding a future investor, structuring the operation of attracting investments, assisting directly in conducting such an operation, and so on.


A necessary step in attracting external financing in any possible way is to prepare an investment memorandum / prospectus - a document that comprehensively describes the client’s company and makes it possible to determine the risks of investing in his business. The developed financial and investment strategy for the Client allows us together with our partners to begin implementing one of the following scenarios.


Mergers and Acquisitions

As part of investment consulting, we consider assistance to our Clients in conducting transactions to sell their business or to acquire other companies by them.


Fundraising for portfolio investors

In the event that the Client does not want to enter the open borrowing market and conduct a public offering of shares, we will help him find financing among a limited number of portfolio investors - investment funds or associations of several different investment funds. As a rule, such investors acquire small blocks of shares in the company (in total no more than 30-40%) and try not to influence the management of operating activities, benefiting from the payment of dividends by the company, and most importantly from the resale of their blocks of shares a few years after their acquisition ( 2-5 years).


Raising capital through private placement of securities

We also offer our Clients the possibility of private placement of securities among a wider range of individual and institutional financial investors operating in the stock market. Such a share issue requires the company to enter into circulation on a regulated market in a predetermined time horizon among shareholders with a pre-emptive right to purchase. Such placement, although not public, often requires the participation of a broker due to strict control by regulatory authorities / exchanges and, in fact, acts as a prelude to a full IPO.


Initial Public Offering

If our Client is ready for full-fledged work in the public capital market, we can offer our assistance in entering the stock market. Such a step requires serious and lengthy preparation, but in addition to additional capital it brings a number of non-financial benefits - improving the company's image in the market, increasing the degree of trust in it from its suppliers and customers, self-esteem of employees. In addition, a successful IPO leads to increased recognition in the financial markets, which ultimately leads to increased company access to alternative sources of financing and reduces the cost of attracting it.