Custodian services


Portfolio Investments LLC operates on the basis of a license for the activities of an investment intermediary No. 1298 dated January 23, 2018 issued by the Center for Coordination and Development of the Securities Market.

The license is granted without expiration.

The single duration of the operational day of the Investment intermediary for the provision of Custodian services from 09-00 to 16-00 Tashkent time. An operating day is understood as the time during which inventory transactions with securities are performed at the Investment intermediary.

Instructions for custodian operations and other documents are accepted by the Investment intermediary throughout the working day.

Portfolio Investment LLC, an investment intermediary, provides the following custody services:

  • opening and maintaining custody accounts (for legal entities and individuals);
  • the provision of services for accounting and certification of rights to securities owned by the owners on the basis of ownership or other property rights;
  • securities custody services in the provision of brokerage and dealer services to clients;
  • providing an opportunity for interested parties to familiarize themselves with the rules for accounting for securities and cash;
  • keeping records of the quantity and nominal value of securities belonging to each of the depositors;
  • keeping records of the facts of encumbrance of securities with obligations, as well as their termination;
  • storage in the departmental archive of primary documents, which are the basis for transactions with securities and operations on customer accounts;
  • carrying out operations on securities accounts on the basis of written instructions from depositors or their authorized persons, except as otherwise provided by law;
  • confirmation of ownership of the depositor’s other property rights in securities with the issuance of the relevant extract from his Depo account;
  • ensuring confidentiality of information on the availability and movement of securities and cash on customer accounts, their condition, except as provided by law;
  • suspension of operations on custody accounts on the basis of decisions of the authorized state body for regulating the securities market, state antimonopoly body, as well as the court, bodies of inquiry and investigation in the manner prescribed by law;
  • providing written requests of the authorized state body for regulating the securities market, the state tax service body, the state antimonopoly body, as well as the court, the bodies of inquiry and investigation, within the limits and in the manner determined by the legislation, information related to its activities;
  • providing the opportunity to compensate for losses caused by participation in the formation of the guarantee fund in accordance with Clause 23 of this Law, as well as liability insurance in accordance with the law;
  • providing, at the request of the Central Securities Depository, information on the owners of securities necessary for the formation of the register of owners of securities;
  • making changes to the details of the securities and their issuers accounted for on the basis of data received from the Central Securities Depository.


Advantages of Portfolio Investment LLC:

  • Securities rights registration fee is not charged;
  • Constantly carried out activities aimed at eliminating the risks of customers when conducting transactions with securities;
  • Experience in all types of custody operations, including:
    • collateral transactions;
    • REPO operations;
    • brokerage operations;
    • dealer and other operations, providing holders of securities with the opportunity to receive additional income.