Brokerage services

Broker - who is he?

The term "broker" has gone from the English expression to break a deal, that is, to make a deal. The essence of this activity directly corresponds to the name: the broker - a person who enters into transactions on your behalf.


In today's financial services market, these transactions relate to securities brokerage services because of legal entities and natural persons - is a set of services for entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens, aimed at the implementation of the operations of purchase and sale of securities for and on behalf of the client.


What problems solves the investment intermediary providing customers with brokerage services?

The investment intermediary may perform a wide range of operations that may require a brokerage service. The main tasks for this service which may be required as follows:

  • Diversification of capital. With free assets in the medium or long term, it is advisable not to postpone them in liquid form (eg, deposit) and buy bonds of promising companies or banks in order to generate additional income;
  • Expanding the influence in the industry, consolidation of business. If the company is large, the purchase of shares of other companies can be a tool for increasing the influence of the industry or gain access to the necessary resources that they possess.;
  • Speculative trading of shares. Additional income can be obtained on the sale of assets that were previously bought cheaper;
  • Attracting lending through REPO tool, that is loan against securities.


Summarizing the problems outlined above, we can conclude: brokerage services may be required to investors for short-term and long-term goals. On short-term use speculative trading in shares, bonds and derivative securities. In the long term, companies buy assets that are calculated in the future as strategic.


As a result, trading in the stock market allows you to earn income, significantly higher than bank deposit rates. Financial instruments for profit on the stock market are securities - shares, bonds and derivatives market instruments (derivatives as futures and options). The investor's income is generated as a result of the game to increase or decrease the rate of securities.


Portfolio Investments LLC provides customers with the following brokerage services

  • Access to the stock market of Uzbekistan;
  • Quick and easy way to trade securities on the stock exchange RSE "Tashkent";
  • Information and analytical support of clients;
  • Accounting for the client's securities;
  • Regular reports on the portfolio committed transactions and cash flows for the first request of the Client;
  • Individual approach to each client.


We provide brokerage services to individuals and institutional investors, professional and novice participants in the securities market.


We guarantee:

  • Professional assistance in the formation of the investment portfolio;
  • Permanent advisory support and trading recommendations;
  • Flexible tariff policy;
  • Qualitative analysis on the market;
  • Impeccable service.


We provide:

  • Providing personal manager for each client;
  • And transactions on-exchange and OTC trades;
  • Instant execution of trade orders "to vote";
  • Making individual transactions in the stock market at the expense of clients;
  • Newsletter support.


Broking starts with signing of the Service Agreement of the Investment intermediary. At the signing of the contract by the customer is not required immediately credited to the account of any of the securities or cash.


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