Underwriting services

Over the years of its activity in the capital market of Uzbekistan, the Portfolio Investments LLC company has formed a staff of qualified specialists and has gained rich experience in the field of providing underwriting services.


The company implements the following list of services under underwriting:

  • “Road show”, an advertising campaign for issuing securities;
  • Search for institutional investors;
  • Sale of securities to investors in the primary securities market;
  • Organization of fundraising by best efforts;
  • Other ways to attract financing.


The issue of securities is an alternative to bank lending to business processes. Having transformed into a joint-stock company, you can raise funds by:

  • additional issue of shares;
  • issue of corporate bonds.


Namely, by issuing securities you create the possibility of financing for:

  • acquisition, modernization and launch of new equipment;
  • development of production and management;
  • creation of infrastructure for the distribution of own goods or services;
  • loading of potential capacities;
  • RnD (innovative projects, expansion and diversification of products);
  • restructuring of short-term and long-term debt;
  • strengthening business reputation among a wide audience of investors and potential partners;
  • creation of structural units;
  • formation of a credit history of history.


In order to undergo the listing procedure of the Republican Stock Exchange “Toshkent”, joint-stock companies must meet the minimum requirements for entering the official quotation list of JSC RSE “Toshkent” for:

  • on the issuer's profitability and solvency;
  • Positive dynamics of financial results;
  • duration of activities in the main area;
  • The presence of a development strategy (business plan);
  • Compliance of the issuer's documents with the current requirements of the law;
  • The relative amount of borrowed funds from outside;
  • Positive reputation, as well as the size of the share in free ownership (free float).