Which joint-stock companies did not skimp on dividends


According to the published data on the EPKI, to date, during 2021, 279 JSCs (out of 601) paid dividends totaling 3.74 trillion. soums from net profit in the aggregate 12.1 trillion. sum.


The absolute leader is JSC "Almalyk MMC", which allocated 1.21 trillion rubles for the payment of dividends. sum. It is important to note that all common shares of the plant are owned by the state. The next position is taken by JSC JV UzBAT, 539.5 billion soums. Takhiatash TPP JSC closes the top three with 281.7 billion soums of dividends paid.

We present to your attention the TOP-10 JSCs in terms of total dividend and dividend payments per share.


JSC Almalyk MMC - 1.21 trillion. UZS, common shares - UZS 7450.75, pref. - 489.25 sum
JSC JV Uzbekbat A.O. - 539.5 billion soums, common shares - 21890.13 soums
Takhiatash TPP JSC - 281.7 billion soums, common shares - 799.96 soums, pref. - 25.00 sum
PJSCB Orient Finance Bank - 215.2 bln. UZS, common shares - 350.00 UZS, pref. - 175.00 sum
Fargonaazot JSC - 146.5 bln UZS, common shares - 4,478.03 UZS, pref. - 632.50 sum
Uzavtosanoat JSC - 97.4 billion soums, common shares - 0.05 soums
UzEX JSC - 82.4 billion soums, common shares - 1100.00 soums
AO II Toshkentvino Kombinati - 67.8 billion soums, common shares - 3626.00 soums
Samarkand TPP JSC - 65.4 billion soums, common shares - 1247.39 soums, pref. - 250.0 sum
Syrdarya TPP JSC - 51.2 billion soums, common shares - 1264.00 soums, pref. - 265.75 sum.


Today, noun was published on the EPKI website. the fact of JSC Kizilkumcement, which says about the expectation of an order from the working group, although in the recently held EGM it was decided to allocate 50% of the profit to dividends (with such an outcome, the JSC would take the 3rd position in the top 10).


Due to the lack of decisions on the payment of dividends of such giants as Uzbeknefetegaz, NBU VED RUz, Kizilkumcement, which were in the top ten last year, the total amount of payments decreased by -35%, from 5.77 trillion. up to 3.74 trillion. sum.

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