State shares of wine enterprises are put up for sale


According to the data published on the UzAssets website, it is planned to conduct the transaction through a competitive bidding process open to all interested parties.


KPMG was selected as a consultant for the privatization of Uzbekiston Champagne JSC and Mastona JSC.

The current production capacity of Uzbekiston shampani is 788 thousand decalitres (7.88 mln. liters) of alcoholic beverages per year, capacity utilization in 2020 is 62%;
Revenue for 2020 amounted to 65.6 bln. soums, net profit - 2.0 billion soums, return on equity over 17.2%.


Mastona sells two types of products: wine and vodka products. The production capacity of the plant is 500 thousand decaliters (5 mln. liters) of vodka products and 200 thousand decaliters (2 mln. liters) of wine, the capacity utilization in 2020 was 70% and 75%, respectively.


Key indicators of Mastona JSC for 2020:
Assets - 25.0 bln. soums;
Retained earnings - 9.0 bln. soums;
Equity capital 15.3 bln. soums;
Net proceeds - 54.6 bln. soums;
Net profit - 3.3 bln. soums.

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