Trading dynamics from January to August



The total volume of exchange and OTC trading in August 2020 amounted to 103.2 bln. soums. Compared to July, the trading volume increased by 10%.


The total number of transactions was 2,795, of which 2,627 transactions with a volume of 102 bln. soums were made on the stock exchange. The remaining 168 transactions for the amount of 1.1 bln. soums took place on the OTC market. The share of OTC transactions in the total volume is only 1%.


In August, there was a significant increase in volume with a slight decrease in the number of transactions compared to July, this is largely due to one large transaction.

In August, a transaction for the purchase and sale of 81% of the leasing company Mega Pro Business for 92.4 billion soums took place, which was the main reason for the growth in the volume of trading.


This is followed by 5 transactions for the purchase and sale of shares of PJSCB Universal bank for a total amount of 4.4 bln. soums, which is 2.95% of the authorized capital.


O'rta osiyo trans JSC closes the top three, with shares of this company two transactions worth 2.2 bln. soums were made.


By the number of transactions completed in August, JSC Qizilqumsement became the leader, moving JSC Kvarts to the second place. With Qizilqumsement’s shares, 455 transactions were made, amounting to almost 0.5 bln. soums, the high interest of investors is due to the growth of the company's profits by 2 times compared to the 1st half of 2019. 354 deals with shares of JSC Kvarts were made for the amount of 258 bln. soums. O'zmetkombinat JSC closes the top three with a slight lag, 328 transactions were made with shares of this company, for the amount of 738 mln. soums.


From January to August, 26,871 transactions were made, 24,717 transactions were made on the stock exchange and the remaining 2,154 on the Elsis Savdo platform. The total trading volume for this period amounted to 415.9 bln. soums. On the stock exchange, the volume for 8 months, taking into account transactions with corporate bonds (52 transactions for the amount of 46.6 billion soums), amounted to 354 bln. soums, and on Elsis Savdo, taking into account one transaction with corporate bonds of the National Bank (one transaction for the amount of 21,1 bln. soums), the total amount was 62 bln. soums.

In terms of number of transactions over 8 months, banking shares are leading. In the first place is JSCB FI Hamkorbank with 4006 transactions, followed by JSC Kvarts with 3773 transactions and closes the top three of JSCMB Ipoteka-bank with 3130 transactions.


For 8 months, only 52 transactions with corporate bonds with the volume of 46.6 bln. soums were recorded. The bonds of the leasing company JSC Uzbek Leasing International JSC are attractive for the investor due to the fact that they are not tied to the Central Bank's refinancing rate.

On Elsis Savdo, after a sharp increase in trading volume in July, everything returned to normal. The reason for the large volume was Mega Pro Business JSC. Prior to the listing of this company, they were traded on the OTC market. In July, 2 transactions were made for 20 bln. soums, which is 19% of the authorized capital of the company.

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