Net profit, interest and interest-free income of the banking sector as of 01.10.2019


The total volume of interest and interest-free income of 28 banks of Uzbekistan for 9 months of 2019 amounted to 20.37 trln. soums (2.1 bln. US dollars), while net profit for the period amounted to 2.43 trln. soums (254.65 million US dollars), which is 11.94% of the total turnover of banks.

The top 3 leaders in terms of interest income were Sanoat-qurilish Bank, Asakabank and Ipoteka-bank with 1.8 trln. soums, 1.7 trln. soums and 1.6 trln. soums respectively.


Also, Agrobank JSCB, Asakabank JSCB and Sanoat-qurilish bank JSCB with the volume of 995.8 billion soums, 676.0 bln. soums and 667.0 bln. soums respectively, are leaders in terms of interest-free income. It should be noted that in terms of revenue for all banks, interest income amounted to almost three times the amount of interest-free income.

The top three banks with the largest net profit included Ipoteka-bank JSIB, Sanoat-qurilish Bank JSCB and Qishloq Qurilish Bank JSCB with the volume of 343.25 bln. soums, 327.32 bln. soums and 212.72 bln. soums respectively, which amounts to 883.29 billion soums or 36.33% of the total net profit received by 28 banks, and the net profit of the remaining 25 banks is only 1.55 trln. soums, which is 63.67%.

An interesting observation of this analysis is that 55.86% of interest and interest-free income belongs to the five largest banks, while the remaining 23 banks account for only 44.14% of revenue.

In the chart above, in terms of the volume of net profit, as well as in interest and interest-free income, Sanoat-qurilish Bank is the leader among all 28 banks.

Due to the lack of financial data of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in open sources, the indicators of this bank are not taken into account.

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