Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important for us. This Online Privacy Policy explains how we collect, distribute, use and protect your personal information when you visit or use the online service. Please note, however, that this Internet Privacy Policy is not absolute. May apply other principles or privacy policy, depending on the financial product or service that you get from us, or the jurisdiction in which we co-operate with you.

We protect your information.

We are aware of our responsibility to you in the issue of preserving the privacy and confidentiality of your information, and we treat this issue very seriously. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable legal standards to protect such information from unauthorized access, use, alteration and destruction. We believe that our employees are responsible for complying with the appropriate rules, procedures, standards and regulations concerning privacy and confidentiality of information.

We make every effort to collect, use and store customer information only for appropriate purposes.

The types of personal information that we may collect, at the time when you use our online services: data on individuals (passport details, postal address, email address, phone number (s), bank account number), on the legal entities (name , information on state registration, information about the director, banking and other details), as well as the user name and password, the data on the state of Depo accounts in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. We may also collect other information if you provide such information by using our online services.

In addition to the personal information described above, we may collect certain information about your use of our online services. For example, we can get the IP-address of the device used to connect to the online service, the type of operating system and browser you are using, the information about the site from which you linked to our website, and a website that you visit ensuing. As explained more detail in our Cookies Policy we or our third-party partners may use markers (as well as web beacons and other technologies) to collect and store this and other information about your visit to or usage of our online services. We can later associate usage information and other information that we collect online with your personal data, as permitted or required by law.

We may also collect information about you from other online and offline sources, including commercial third-party sources, such as credit reporting agencies. We may combine this information with the personal and other information we have collected about you as part of this Online Privacy Policy.

We may use the information we obtain from you to help us to spread our services online; manage, evaluate and improve our business (including developing new products and services, improve existing products and services, analyze data, maintain accounting, audit and other internal functions); to manage our risks; sell our products and services; to respect and ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations, the relevant industry standards, contractual obligations and our policies. We may also use the data that we collect on an aggregate or anonymously (for example, so that it is impossible to identify any individual clients) for a variety of business purposes that are permitted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We are always available, even if you're on the way.

For your comfort, «Portfolio Investments» offers you access to some of our products and services through mobile applications and mobile-optimized sites. When you interact with us through your mobile device, we may collect information such as a unique identifier of devices, your screen resolution and other device settings, your location, and analytical information on how you are using your mobile device. We may ask your permission before collection of certain information such as the exact information about the geolocation.

We can send, transmit or process information in, or through, any country of the world, because we find it necessary and appropriate, according to the relevant legislation.

We strive to provide you with access to high-quality financial products and services, anywhere, no matter where you are. To do this, we may share your personal information with service providers located outside of the country. Despite the fact that data protection laws in these countries may be less stringent, we will take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your personal information as described in this Online Privacy Policy.

We provide you with relevant and appropriate options with regard to the sharing of personal information.

We can give you a choice in respect of the exchange of information with third parties. Variants of an exchange of your personal information will be described in the privacy policy or notices, which you get with the financial products or services that you get from us.

We offer you the opportunity to access and change your personal information.

Maintaining the relevance of your personal information is very important. You can view or update certain account information by logging in and accessing to the "Personal Cabinet" section. If you can not change the incorrect information online, or you prefer to request changes offline, then please contact the representatives of the «Portfolio Investments», using the contact information on our website, the official pages on social networks, or other materials.

We respect your decisions on the collection of personal information relating to your activity in the Internet on various websites for promotional purposes.

«Portfolio Investments» do not allow unidentified third parties to collect your private information about the activities in the Internet, when you visit our services in the Internet. Also, we do not use personal information associated with your behavior in the Internet, collected from non-affiliated sites for advertising purposes.

Notice for users

We may periodically modify this privacy policy. When we do, we'll let you know, by appropriate means, such as the placement of the revised policy on this page updated with the date "last update". All changes will take effect from the date of their publication, unless otherwise indicated.