About our company

Portfolio Investments LLC is one of the leading investment companies in Uzbekistan, offering to its clients the highest level of service in the financial markets. We specialize in providing a full range of investment banking and brokerage services to corporate and private clients.

Portfolio Investments LLC was founded in 2012 and during its existence our company has established itself as a reliable investment partner focused on a long-term cooperation with a significant client base, including corporations, local and international financial institutions and government agencies.

Our work was evaluated in the annual competition "Best in the capital market of Uzbekistan", which is held by the regulator od the market, in which our team won the nomination "Best Investment Intermediary" at the end of 2016 and 2017 and as "Best Investment consultant "at the end of 2018.

We provide:

Brokerage and custody services - purchase and sale of securities at the RSE "Toshkent" and the over-the-counter market "Elsis - Savdo", registration of rights, crediting, writing off, transfer, transfer of all types of securities;

Investment banking - for corporate and institutional clients, we provide extensive investment banking services in raising funds, buying / selling companies and majority shareholdings, working with enterprises and organizations in many sectors of the economy;

Asset management - development and implementation of the company's investment policy, asset management of funds, formation and management of portfolio investments, including instruments with fixed income for institutional clients;

Underwriting - raising capital by conducting public offerings (IPO, SPO) and issuing corporate bonds.

Our customers and partners